Hi Mamas and Friends! I am so happy you are here! 

I am a married Mama of 2 living in Southern Alberta! I came up with the idea to create Little Chews when my youngest was going through some pretty rough teething times. It's never fun to deal with a cranky and sore baby!

I've always wished (and tried) to be a creative person, and this is the first thing that I have really enjoyed and now has become a passion of mine! Creating special designs for teethers and soother clips is very relaxing for me! I work on Little Chews in between being a full-time mom.. which isn't always easy! I am the sole employee so please bear with me- I work my hardest to get you your items as soon as possible! 

There is always a possibility a family matter may arise, and delay an order.. but please remember that in supporting Little Chews you're not only supporting local but you're helping this Mama stay home and help provide for her babies.

Much love, Danielle ♡